Welcome to Welch for the Win! Brandon Welch’s blog

RLP_rl5_0844As I write I’m sitting in the marble-encrusted lobby of the Manchester Grand Hyatt in downtown San Diego at a real estate conference for investment professionals.  I’m here to network for my day job raising money for a real estate investment company.  I’m wearing a suit, a fancy watch, and cufflinks.  Most of my clients have no idea about the double life I lead.

In between meetings to discuss real estate investments and the economy, I’ll fire off emails and phone calls to our sponsors, graphic designers, and our Beal Racing marketing team.  Later today I’ll rush home to help my wife, Kathryn, bathe our 16-month-old twin daughters and read to them before bed (The Little Blue Truck is a particular favorite at the moment).  Once they’re down I’ll have a quick dinner with my wife, change into black Dickies work pants and a black shirt, and head to the shop where the latest project is configuring the new setback blower setup on our race car.  I left the house this morning at 7, and the day will end at about 10:30pm.

Today is a perfect window into the life of an aspiring professional race car driver.  Most of the time it means a constant hustle to make money to support my family, achieve my lifelong dream to drive a race car professionally, and carve out every moment possible to enjoy the miracles that are my wife and children.

My goal for this blog is twofold: to provide a window into my life, and to share my thoughts on the topics that excite me.  Those topics include drag racing, cars, sponsorship marketing, entrepreneurship, personal development, cheesy motivational quotes, football, and of course my family.

We have a lot to look forward to in 2016:

  • Beal Racing will compete in more NHRA Mello Yello Series races than ever before
  • We will announce an exciting new primary sponsorship and several other sponsorships
  • A new look Beal Racing nitro funny car with wholesale upgrades to compete on a high level

My name is Brandon Welch.  I’m a husband, father, stockbroker, and nitro funny car driver.  It’s nice to meet you.